This Summer many of my patients are taking a break from their regular activities.  This includes the activities that we know help conservatively treat chronic low back pain such as; yoga, massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and healthy lifestyle changes.  I understand it may be hard to continue doing what keeps us on track because we have a few days off,  but I want you to know that there are steps you can take to keep your discomfort at bay and embark on a pain-free getaway!  

1. Prepare & Pack 

First of all you are packing your luggage, including your swimmies and suntan lotion right?  Well, why not also pack and prep some items you know that you will need for your trip. For example: ergonomic supports like pillows and braces, supportive shoes for walking, yoga mats or portable exercise equipment, topical pain relieving ointments or other supplements as well as medications, and maybe a phone number or two for a chiropractor near your vacation location?  Speaking of packing, remember what your doctor advises for your restrictions and limitations and don't over pack your bag so that it is putting a strain on your low back when traveling.  Lastly why not schedule a check in at our office and get some care before you hit the road?

2. Keep Up All You Did Before You Left

Don't forget to continue with your stretching and exercising.  You have likely made so much progress with your rehab, don't stop just because you are gone for a weekend. You can still do your exercises while you are away from home!  If you forget your exercise program just remember that simple stretches like forward folds and gentle twists can help relieve your stiffness and tension.  As always avoid overexertion, especially if your chiropractor has diagnosed you with a acute pain or injury.

3. Nutrition Doesn't Stop When you Walk Out the Door

Remember that drinking plenty of water is important on any day, but imagine how much more it would impact you if you are walking all day, or if you are laying on the beach in the sun!  Be sure to continue staying hydrated as this supports the natural functions of your body and your spine.  Also,remember to pack some healthy foods like nuts, and fruits.  Stay away from fast food sugary snacks which exacerbates inflammation and discomfort when having low back pain.


Follow these travel tips and incorporate chiropractic care into your preparations, that way you can conqueror your chronic low back pain and enjoy the ultimate pain free getaway.  Again I want to remind you that not only would I love to see you at our office before setting off on your journey, but I also cannot wait to see your vacation photos once you return to our clinic in Dickson Tennessee.


-Dr. Hebdon

Nadine Hebdon

Nadine Hebdon

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