As women, we often find ourselves juggling so many responsibilities, career demands, family obligations, etc.  This balancing act leads to accumulated stress and strain on us.  I know from my own personal experience as a woman, that we can be very hard on ourselves, and we do not take the time for enough self-care.  At Hebdon Chiropractic & Wellness, we understand that what we do is more than just relieving pain, it’s about enhancing overall wellness.

That is why I want to remind all my patients, and prospective patients, especially the women in our lives, that visiting your chiropractor can help with stress management.  For one, promoting alignment of the spine and nervous function assists in overall health.  Two, when you have a healthy spine you experience improved mobility, reduced muscle tension, and better posture.  All these things add up to a resilient body.

This week I challenge you to think about the effects of the long hours at work, and the efforts you make in caring for others, has on your life.  I also challenge you to think about effective and natural ways to support your wellbeing.  Take a proactive step towards your health.  Look at the ways to reduce your stress by giving yourself the gift of self-care.

If you need any help reaching your health goals or are not sure where to start; Schedule a consultation with us and discover how chiropractic care can change your life.

Above all remember: It is okay to take a break, and focus on you.

-Dr. Hebdon

Nadine Hebdon

Nadine Hebdon

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