Something I am asked often by current patients and from prospective patients is: “If I start going to a chiropractor, they want me to just keep coming back, right?”  I love this question!

First, I always ask, “If you are told to go to physical therapy, you should go as long as your primary care provider recommends and approves, correct?” Usually, the answer to this is, “Of course!” Chiropractic care is like physical therapy in this aspect because we want our patients to get better. Therefore, we develop a care plan for everyone based on their needs and health goals. Sometimes this means patients only need 4-6 visits to meet their needs, but others may need more visits than that to reach their goals.

Sometimes a patient may have a chronic condition and chiropractic care can help them manage their symptoms. In this case, they may be on something called maintenance care, and this could mean they come to their chiropractor once or twice a month. However, there are plenty of patients that do not receive maintenance care and only come to a chiropractor when they are having pain or a new chronic condition.

If you have any additional questions about treatment at a chiropractor’s office or want to learn more about what we can do for you and your health, please give us a call.

-Dr. Hebdon

Nadine Hebdon

Nadine Hebdon

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